Sunday, 16 July 2017

quest for enlightenment

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Everything thought, conceived ,perceived or believed is just another line between two dots in an imagined space and time.

That is what ‘maya ‘is,  one's relative perception , the dot giving birth to a line is imagined to be the 'self 'and the other dot, the object of perception at an imagined space and time concept.
   Thus every same thing is also a different line emanating from a different dot, different self .
The dot is a fiction and so is the line but there existence is a must for one's identity, one's existence, one's survival.

 The primal dot or the ‘I’ to maintain its continuity keeps on firing lines without a pause, random lines. With every line (or the thought) created,   the dot is born simultaneously from which the line originates, but the illusion is that ‘the dot’(I) always was there. 

Some lines are overlapping and thus strengthening the meaning and significance, may be revisited or pursued And ‘ the dot ‘ swells steadily and gradually with this constant and non stop firing of lines .

The dot is full of shitty content as in how to live, what to aim , what is the goal, what is the soul.  The dot in the pursuit of becoming another ideal dot is exhausting the energy, firing lines relentlessly

 At times the dot strives to be -, like other dots not knowing that in this pursuit it is firing more and more lines and becoming bigger and bigger instead.

  All the content of all the dots are same essentially and is shared by all the other dots.

  LOVE IS ANOTHER CONSOLIDATED, WELL TRODDEN AND PURSUED LINE and the relation of two dots is directly proportionate to the amount of overlapping of these lines. The shape of these (love) lines too are changing or seem be changing and the imaginary unity of any two dots is precariously dependent on the percentage of lines being congruent.

 …everything must eventually feed the dot , the ‘I”…….every line has an origin there, everything being self-centric.

 Its night, but there is no rest, the lines are being fired in all directions, continuously All kind of fear lines of ‘not becoming’ can be basically be reduced to one ''fear line'' , ie the 'fear of the dot loosing itself……all the solution seeking lines are essentially lines fired by the dot which has the prior knowledge of the solutions but still seeks as it fears loosing its continuity. It must not stop firing lines.
  On and on